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CBD For Relaxation, Focus, and Happiness

CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many products are advertised for their abilities to help with health issues like inflammation, sleep, and pain.
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In addition to alleviating unwanted symptoms, CBD has become the go-to method for many people looking to increase relaxation, focus, and happiness.

What Is CBD?

Many people may have heard about CBD. Some cafes offer you CBD in your morning coffee. And there are some salons where CBD infused creams are readily available for your massage. While CBD is available on a widespread scale, many people aren’t quite sure what CBD is.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana plants. Another well-known cannabinoid, THC, is known for producing euphoria. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties and does not produce a high. CBD is considered non-habit-forming, so it may prove to be a valuable option for those looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Because of this, more and more people are looking into CBD for relaxation, focus, and happiness.

CBD can be derived from either hemp or marijuana. And while molecularly almost identical, the hemp-derived CBD is considered legal, while marijuana-derived CBD is not.

In 2018 the USDA passed the Farm Bill in which it legalized the production of industrial hemp. This was accompanied by the removal of hemp from the DEA’s Schedule I substance list. Hemp and hemp-derived CBD in the present are considered legal on the federal level.

How Does It Work?

CBD is thought to provide relief for pain, inflammation, poor sleep, anxiety, and mood issues. The reason why it can do so is because of its ability to interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS is a system in the body that is in charge of keeping all processes running smoothly. Consequently, as your body encounters interferences from the outside world on a daily basis, ECS works hard to provide homeostasis.

ECS uses endocannabinoids to send messages through its many receptors placed throughout the body. CBD is similar to endocannabinoids and thus can support the ECS system and all its functions. As a result, using CBD for relaxation, focus, and happiness has potential because of how CBD interacts with ECS receptors in the body.

CBD for Relaxation

Scientists have found that CBD can affect 5-HT1A receptors located in the brain.1 These receptors are responsible for keeping serotonin levels at an adequate level. As mentioned above, CBD is also able to interact with ECS receptors in the body. These two sets of receptors combined are responsible for keeping proper stress and energy levels, as well as keeping tabs on mood.

A study performed on CBD effects on social anxiety found that subjects who took CBD 30 minutes before a public speaking engagement experienced less stress. 2In other words, if you are looking to relax, CBD could be your answer.

CBD for Focus

CBD is popular for its potential to decrease pain and inflammation. If nagging chronic pains and discomforts are a reason for your difficulties with focus, getting relief from those can be a huge step in the right direction.

Another culprit in focus issues can be the lack of sleep. Poor sleep can result in diminished cognitive functions as well as heightened cortisol levels, both of which attribute to concentration challenges.

A study showed that CBD administration was able to increase the total sleep time in rat subjects. Furthermore, rats who were given CBD injections displayed improved REM cycles compared to the placebo group.3

CBD for Happiness

Bad mood and depression are known to affect a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Research finds that those people suffering from chronic depression have a smaller or atrophied hypothalamus.4

CBD has shown exciting potential to help regenerate the hypothalomus and improve mood. The process of regenerating the hypothalomus is neural regeneration, or the formation of new neuron pathways over time.

Final Note

There are CBD products that may help alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep issues. There are also CBD products that help with mood, focus, and relaxation. With so many potential benefits and a variety of products, CBD can prove to be an exciting natural addition to your health regime.

To learn more about CBD, visit our FAQ page.


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